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What If The Mirror Showed How You Act Instead Of How You Look?

Posted on Posted in What If The Mirror Showed How You Act Instead Of How You Look?

A mirror would be more valuable if it reflected back to us
how we act instead of what we look like.

A character mirror…

A reflection that brings you to terms with how you are really
performing in life.

If such a mirror existed would you look deep into it?

You might be scared to…me too!!

It would reflect back the good and the bad.

I dare to say they wouldn’t sell well unless they stretched the
truth a bit…and told us white lies.

A mirror like that would be priceless in uncovering what lurks
deep down inside of us. 


Maybe instead of an image reflecting back to us, how about words
that would appear that describe us.


Words like…giving, loving, caring, sensitive, honest, disciplined, committed,
to name just a few.


Words like…taker, selfish, manipulator, arrogant, afraid, big ego and more.

If there was such a mirror would you look deep into it ever, and if you did
look how long would you look before looking away?

The fact is we all have issues to deal with in life but choose to run from them
instead of facing them, and dealing with them.


Now no character mirror has been invented yet.

But a simple look at the condition of ones goals, money in the bank, and the
relationships in our lives is the reflection of what we need to work on.


It is not always easy to look at how we show up in life…

If you don’t like what you see when you gaze into the Character mirror, it is
never too late to change the words that reflect back to you, and be who you
would like to be.  

Alice McCarthy




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