Time Is Always In Short Supply, Make The Most Of It

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Time to get control of your day?Don't Be A Block HeadWith Time

It’s funny, time is always in short supply.

At every stage of life we complain about time.

When we were little we never had enough time to get our
homework done or clean our room.

As adults it’s hard to get the house chores done, get the
kids to school, do their homework, get them to after school

In retirement as when we were working, yep no time.

It is safe to say we all see time the same way.

To get the most out of every moment, we have to do it on purpose.

To slow the clock down and get the most out of every minute…practice
space blocking  on the calendar.

The process is simple, whether you use a paper calendar, cell phone,
computer or tablet…start blocking out parts of your day.

If it is not on the calendar it won’t get done.

With so many things we  have to do in a day, block off space for the
MUST get done things … so they WILL get done.

Now it is easy to block out space on the calendar , but the secret is to do it as if
your life depends on it…and it does.

So block out the top 3 things you MUST do daily, and do them, just do it!

Understand motivation is not needed to get things done. Time blocking and
commitment to the activities that are blocked out is all you need.

Commit to yourself, commit to your promise to reach your goals.

Your calendar once you make it a habit is going to make you amazingly
productive in your life.

Be careful of the distractions of the day, the little things that steal your
focus, stay focused on what is blocked off, those are the things that are
going to move you towards your dream. 

Schedule it, do it, and watch things get done.




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