The Woodpecker + Business

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What you can learn from the woodpecker…


The woodpecker can tap 20 times on a
thousand trees and get nowhere, but is
very busy.
Or he can tap 20 thousand times on the
same tree and reach his food.
If your in business it takes total focus
on your one business, tapping away till
you reach your goal.
If you jump around to different businesses
without tapping away with blinders on, you
end up with many trees with lots of holes
and no real results to show for all the energy
you put in.

So learn from the woodpecker, exhaust the tree
you are tapping on now.

Remember success goes to those that are obsessed
with the outcome.
Know what you want, see it, feel it, taste it, do
not leave the tree until you have mastered it!
Tap Away,

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