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Question What You Believe With Courage

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Our belief system whether we programed it or not 

your book

is not so easy to change.  


It takes a great deal of courage to challenge what we
believe to be true.

Unfortunately much of what we believe was programmed
within us as children.

Now as adults we have to decide what is true for us and what
is a lie.

When the choice is made to change the book of thoughts it
is not going to be easy.

Even if the book is full of lies…it feels safe to stay with what 
one knows. That is why courage is so important for the process.

Our  book of thoughts holds our personal dreams and fear
keeps dreams in the mind.  

To unleash the dreams in the book….wounds will have to be
opened and it hurts at times. But we as humans are always on
the search for the truth.

There is always more truth to be found, but our mind has to be
open for our eyes to see and our ears to hear.

Sometimes the fog is so dense it is hard to see, to see who we are to be.

That is why many do not go after all they can be. The fog keeps them
from seeing the “I AM”…who they really are.

One of the biggest fears in life is being alive, going after what we want.
To take a risk, to be different, to live all out!

To take no risk is to stand still, to do nothing, to be nothing, to risk nothing.

Just being who we are is a risk, we are always trying to please others,
live by their rules, and fear not being accepted for who we are.

We have created an image of who we should be to be accepted by others.

It is time to be who we are…”I Am”


Find your truth, Find who you are. Be all you were designed to be.




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