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Don’t get swept away in the home business tornado.


So you are super excited about your business and you offer it to all your family and friends.

They stand you up at your home meetings and miss their phone call appointment with you.
Your best builder goes AWOL…:)
Some change companies, and some quit forever.



There is nothing wrong with you or your business… everyone has no shows, and
people that leave to another company…it is part of the business game.



So when you offer your business to someone and they say no, do not get  depressed,
know you are one step closer to a yes.

Now here is where the depression comes in, it is all about YOUR mindset.

You can dwell on those that leave the team, you can feel the pain of all the
no’s you will hear, or you can know that it is just part of  the business and
move on, never take it personally.



No one in this business can escape from attrition or from hearing NO.

Every business has people that decide their choice is no longer serving them and it is
their time to move in another direction. Bless them and release.

The sooner someone leaves who isn’t serious the better…less time you
will waste on them and frees your time up to work with those that are
willing to be coachable and go after their lifestyle.

Let people run their business the way they want to…not how you want them
to. Be there to guide them in the right direction, lead by example.

Remember there is a place for everyone in your business. Not everyone will
want be a leader on your team, but everyone is important to the success of
the team.

Your focus should not be on those that leave, but on the right position
for those 
in your business. The more people active in your business the better.

Some will be customers, some will be part-time builders, and a few full-time builders.

Love them all and work with the leaders.

If no one is working in your business go find those that will!

Never spend time trying to drag people over the line, they will only drag into the
depression tornado!

Put your energy into the ones who are excited and want to work.


To your success,
Alice McCarthy

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