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Why do affirmations work for some people and not others?

The power of affirmations live in definite and specific

You have to understand the TRUTH to what you are saying.

If you say 3+3=7…does it make it so?


We know it is 6…so you would have to adjust a little
bit to the truth.

If you are over weight and want to lose 200 pounds in
30 days…just because you say “I will lose 200 pounds
in 30 days” does not make it a truth…not going to happen.

Those kinds of affirmations do not work.

There are universal principles of life.

3+3 will never equal 6 no matter how many times you
say it or believe it, and as nice as it sounds you will
not lose 200 pounds in 30 days.

Affirmations are about moving around the negative thinking
of your subconscious mind.

You have the control over what you are thinking about, but
remember it has to be truth based.

As you become consistent with your thinking…repeating
the affirmation, knowing what you are saying, and why you
are saying it…will lead your mind to a place where it
accepts what you say as Truth.

Affirm the truths of life until you get the results you
are looking for.

Alice McCarthy

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