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Close Your Eyes So You Can See What Can Be…

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What do you see?
Close your eyes and picture a great oak tree…
Now what do you see?

oak tree

Do you see just a tree, or do you see what it could be?

Anything you want in life, anything… you MUST see what
it could be before it WILL be.

Thoughts and images in your mind are things they are
what can be, if you follow through to the end of what you see.

If you do not lose sight of your vision, if you do not
let other images in to cloud the dream.

Like the artist that made these beautiful benches…

you too have within you dreams that need to be created, molded
and shaped into the final result…your success what ever that
may be, depends on what you see and if you follow through on that dream.

The artist when she saw that great oak tree… I am sure saw many
things in her mind, but could only focus on three.

Too many images dancing in your head will distort the dream, it
may even shift your moves into steps that will lead you away from
what you see.

So what do you see?

Who do you want to be?

What do you want to do?

Who do you want to become?

What do you want to create?

Can you see it?

You MUST see it for it to be…

You are the one in charge, you are the one creating the sculpture now.

The sculpture is your life, your business, your job, your kids, your car,
your home, your bank account even the pets you have…everything in your
life is because it was in your mind FIRST.

Do you NOW see?

Nothing can be without first being a thought in someone’s mind.

In the beginning I asked you to close your eyes and picture that great
oak tree…did you, and what did you see?

I now ask you to close your eyes, get quite and really focus on what you
really want in your life…what do you see?

What you see could be, if you focus and believe…and NEVER let anyone
or anything take your thoughts and images and make them into something
you do not see!!

Alice McCarthy

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