Changing Is Not A Drean

Changing Is A Discipline, Not A Dream

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I am going to change this time, I am!

Ready, Set, Go…
Are you still thinking, dreaming about changing?To Changing Or Not To Change

The thought of changing is so attractive, but as humans we resist and push and tuck away change.

We say we want it, but wanting and dreaming will NEVER make it so.

Now we never stay the same, so if you are not in control of change, you are going to still change, getting sucked more into the quicksand, till you feel so helpless and stuck that you can’t move and give up.

We have such a love hate relationship with change. We are in love with
the thought of change, of becoming more, but we are not in love with
the process, the work it takes to change.

Sometimes we think too much about change, that it becomes just a
fantasy.  We daydream about it, think about, dream about, but never
invest in it.

Thinking about change will not give you the motivation to start the process.
The inspiration and motivation comes from the doing, the action. Until
you become disciplined to take action and experience growth, you will
not feel the momentum to propel you through the landmines of change to
becoming the you…you long to be!

If the change you have been seeking has not worked for you so far. It might
be time to change the way you look at change today.

Ask yourself…
Do I spend more time thinking about change than actually changing?
Have I invested daily time on myself lately?
Do I know who I want to change into?
Am I being truthful to myself about what I want in life, or am I doing
what others want me to do?

Reflect on what you really want in life, and make today the day you begin
to climb out of the quicksand.

Alice McCarthy

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