But, I Only Want The Sexy, Cool People!

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Then you are going to have to build your business
in dreamland…because that is right where your
thinking is right now!

You do not get to choose who will love your business
and who will be your leaders.

People come from all different backgrounds and all
have a different thinking process.

It takes all kinds of people to make up a good team.

Everyone will not choose to be a leader, just how it is.

You never know who or when the leaders will decide
to rise up and run with their business.

Love and help them all….they are where they are
suppose to be at this time.

It only takes one leader to start the movement going
in your business, add a few more and your business
will begin to bloom!

Never judge people…leaders can be the quiet ones, the
loud ones, or any personality in between.

It takes all kinds of people and passions to bring it all

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