Apples And Communication Make It Silly Simple

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Good communicators take complicated subjects and break it down
into simple talk for anyone to understand.
Your child takes a bite out of an apple and asks…
Mommy, Daddy…why is my apple turning brown?
Well, when the skin comes off the apple the molecular structure begins
to change and oxidation begins to set in…

What…are you talking to me?
Are You Talking To Me

Are you doing this with your potential business partners?

Are you doing this with the people on your team?

Are you doing this with the people you lead?

Big words that make someone seem to be super smart can turn people away.

There are some people that love big words but most people do not talk like that.

Think about doctors…

One doctor will talk to their patients and totally confuse the heck
out of them with words that must be looked up in a dictionary.

No Clue

Another doctor talks to their patients with everyday simple words that can be

understood with ease…no dictionary needed.

The second doctor has happy customers that recommend this doctor to family
and friends.

Always make it about other people, make it silly simple.

The child asks why the apple is turning brown…simple answer would be
when you bite the apple the air now turns the apple brown…easy to understand.

Now if the child or the person you are talking to wants more information, that 
is the time to go into deeper explaining.

Too much information can and does confuse the mind.

A confused mind often stalls and does nothing.

They begin to think… am I in the right place?

Can this person really help me?

I need to search for someone more relatable. 

If you are in business it would be a benefit for all concerned to be a good communicator.

If something can be left out of the learning process, then leave it out.

The less steps the better.

If someone really knows what they are talking about, they should be able to communicate
the subject in simple terms.

Simple is duplicable!

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